Next round – help pick a logo!

Which conveys the yardsharing idea best?
Which logo is warmest?
Which do you logo?

Please note the text at the bottom will read:
A Yardsharing Community
Because everyone loves a homegrown tomato!

Thank you for helping us sort this out!


24 thoughts on “Next round – help pick a logo!

  1. Logo 6 is the warmest. It leaves me with a good feeling the others do not.

    Logo 18 best graphically shows the “yardsharing” idea.

    However, I’d still go with 6. I think people will like it and then be motivated to find out what it’s about.

  2. I like logo 6, as logo 1 and 2 look like unhappy faces to me and 3 has too much small text.
    The big tomato looks nice and happy.

  3. 18 is the strongest, best use of design. But the bright green reminds me of fertilizer. It could have the same design impact with a earthier Green, IMO.

    I think you need the strong design to explain the name. The doors in the tomatoes totally do that.

  4. I like 18. Earthier Green as Wiley says and perhaps fill the arc to give it more area to represent the yard and remove the unhappy smile affect.
    Did you do these? No other vegetables?

  5. I like 2 of them: I like 22 because the graphic of the tomato is unique. It has hands in it, while at the same time looking like a highlight. Also, the tomato graphic is centered, and for some reason it made it easier for me to read quickly. Maybe its because the type is a little larger on this one, as opposed the the others. What is going to be the actual size of the logo on the website? Is it the size when clicked brings you to the page of the design alone? If so, I think all of them tend to have too small type when it says “everyone loves a home grown tomato”. And my eyes are darn tooting good.

    I like #6 a little more than the previous-for the convention of the tomato graphic-there is no guessing.

    Also, not that you are asking, but the word hyper confuses me as to how it relates to gardening. I understand the locovore-but hyper?

  6. Thanks for the thoughts everyone!

    A few people have expressed confusion around ‘hyper’ – Im stuck with it at this point… but it is more from the medical ‘above or beyond’ rather than figitty – like a hyperactive kid..

    So we have locavores who eat within 100 miles…and hyperlocavores – who eat even more close to home… hyperlocally…

    I wanted to create a new word and I wanted to key into the existing audience for the locavore movement… To what degre I succeeded is still to be determined!

    The lettering on the logo will be much more readable – larger in the final version – the whole thing will be a large header. ..then from that an element that is square will need to be pulled out to work as an avatar.

    I really appreciate everyone’s feedback!

  7. 18

    the house look of the ‘maters
    the clean lines

    i guess it caught my eye first.

    dont like 6- cold, grocery store icky
    22 has alien faces in the tomatoe..not very friendly

  8. 6.

    22: yes i see alien faces as well. but i do NOT see grocery store ick in 6, funny that. i see a rally large tomato.

    good luck!!!

  9. #18 shows me what the name tells me…”house” and “food” . It definitely works. Having said that, my nearly 80 y/o mom thought it was an elephant! 🙂 Gotta luv the old folks!

  10. Logo 22 is the best so far. The way it directs the eyes, the warmth of it and the composition. It’s a very comfortable image and conveys the idea of a bountiful harvest.

    Logo 22,

  11. Local food — great!

    18: nice, relatively warm, conveys yard sharing best
    22: very nice, but feels distant. Don’t ask 🙂
    6: very nice, more common, no yard sharing vibe.

    18 is nice and I feel yard sharing when I look at it.

  12. #6 is my favorite. It’s warm, the plump, juicy tomato signifies abundance, I can tell right away it’s about food/vegetables/produce. Reminds me of nature. (However the yard sharing is missing.)

    #16 & #18 are more intellectual / technical. Reminds me of construction, urban planning. Which totally gets the yard sharing, but…..

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