Yardsharing Workbook – Requesting Your Ideas!

GARDEN GNOME ©Cammeraydave

GARDEN GNOME ©Cammeraydave

I’m in the process of writing a workbook for yard sharing groups and I could use your input!

The success of any garden share depends entirely on the expectations set by the entire group at the outset of the relationship between the members of the group. Respect of each other’s needs and hopes for the project should be a given.

It’s important to keep the workbook a flexible tool. I am assuming groups will have different needs regarding the formality of their agreements. My question to you is what sort of things would you need to work through in an agreement with your yardsharing members before you felt comfortable forming a working group?

  • What needs to be in your agreement?
  • What would be a deal breaker?
  • What questions would you have for the garden or property owner?
  • What questions would you have for the gardeners in the group?
  • What questions would you want to work through regarding finances for your group?
  • What is important to formalize?
  • What is important to keep loose?

These agreements will depend only on what each group sorts through. How can we help make these groups enjoyable and workable for all the people involved?

Thank you in advance for sharing your thoughts!


4 thoughts on “Yardsharing Workbook – Requesting Your Ideas!

  1. i haven’t thought about it in detail, but i’ve seen a few websites that deal with it. they’d have ideas.

    spinfarming.com has a program for this, you might be interested in what they do.

    earthworksboston.org does urban orchards and has a list of requiements for a successful urban orchard.

    urbantilth.org is working on those kinds of projects too.

  2. I’m working on a more general community sharing scheme and we did actually look at this as a ‘user case study’ in terms of forming agreements. Things that occurred to us included agreements about access and mutual obligations around vacations (if the yard owner is away can they leave a key, vs if the gardeners are away can things get watered). You could also look at the UK scheme that’s a bit like yours http://landshare.channel4.com/how-it-works
    One of the interesting questions raised on their site is the legal status of land that you let another use for an extended time (do they have quasi ownership rights?) :J

    • Hmmm – well that’s a can of worms I would just as soon not step into at all. Just because my cousin has been on my couch for three months… as my guest, he sure as hell doesn’t have any ‘rights’ that I have not extended to him. Call me a conservative if you must, but you’d be wrong.

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