Help us Name Our New Donkey!

Congratulations to THE SHIBAGUYZ!

OK, so here’s the story in brief. We have a quarter horse named Roanie, who is of course a roan. He used to have a pal named Jim, but Jim died. Since then Roanie has been a very mopey horse. So we figure we would find him a friend. Donkeys or so we’ve been told make great companion animals for horses. Though mom is hinting that in the future the donkey will be my prime mode of transportation. Mom has a habit of naming animals what they actually are. Mama Kitty for instance, is the girl cat that showed up on our porch quite preggers and dropped all of our barn cats. Though we do have a white Bichon named Moxie and a three legged rescued Labrador named Peaches.

I wanted to name the new donkey  Moon Pie, but was swiftly vetoed, on the grounds I think, that any time we called her name we’d be inciting a craving for the old time treat. Anyway. Mom is calling the donkey Baby Burro. It’s cute. But I think we can do better. I’ve been taking nominations from the folks that follow @hyperlocavore on twitter. They started really rolling in and we’re having fun. So, I thought this is an awesome time for a contest.

We will continue taking nominations here in comments on the blog, on twitter and on until Friday June 19th, 2009 at midnight. At that time nominations will be closed and mom will pick the finalists in the next few days. It’s her donkey, mom gets to make the rules. The nominees will be put to a vote in a poll which I will link to when we have the finalists – for 3 days. The winner will be announced the following week, when I get to it. (Note: there’s SO much to do on the farm these days, I kind of have to work around the daylight and animal schedule.)

The winner will receive a brand new copy of The Organic Gardener’s Handbook of Natural Insect and Disease Control (voted by NYT for their Best Gardening Books list.)


6 thoughts on “Help us Name Our New Donkey!

  1. Considering the significant of this day and weeks leading up to it, I have a suggestion that also involves a bit of an inside joke if you will. My suggestion is for the new donkey to be named “Kam”.

    Why Kam you ask? Well, I’m an Iranian-American and like many of you, I have been inspired by what is going on in my country of birth. One of thethings I carry with me from my rich and ancient heritage, is the concept that animals each represent a (human) trait. A bit of such thinking has migrated to the West over the centuries as well. Owls are smart, foxes are conning, eagles are leaders, etc.

    Now probably very unfairly, in Iran donkeys are symbols and epitome of stupidity. So, the inside joke is to actually name the new donkey after the Supreme Leader of The Islanic Republic of Iran; Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khanenei. Or in short: Kam.

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