We are so close to our goal. You can send us over! Deadline is March 28th, 2010

We need to let you guys know, it’s 5 days away and only have $2,279.00!

That seems a long way away suddenly.

We are so so grateful for the pledges people have made so far but, we are only at 51% of our goal of $6200.00.

If we don’t hit that goal, we don’t even get the

money pledged so far!

At this point a shot in the arm would make all the difference in our ability to make the site self supporting. Right now we are running out of pocket! We have over 1300 members and we’re growing every day. If each of you went online now and pledged just four bucks we could breathe a sigh of relief and get to work. For now we are waiting to exhale!

If you have already pledged you have our deepest thanks! If you have not please take a moment now. Your pledge now will make a huge difference in our ability to improve and grow the site and services we offer. Yard sharing is breaking out all over and we want to be there to help build resilience and real community block by block.

Make a pledge, it’s easy peasy!

Please also share our kickstarter page with everyone you know! Word of mouth is how we grow.

Your encouragement and endorsement is where we get the energy to keep doing the work! Everything you do counts!

With gratitude,

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