Why the purple….

The purple today is all about grown ups stepping up and doing what we can to tell kids who are bullied for who they are that life does get better – after school – when you are on your own, surrounded by people who love you for who you are, your family and your new chosen family.

You will find the right mix of people and your joy.

You might have to move from where you are but you will find them.

We all did.

Stick around for it.

For those that are bullying but especially the adults that are sending their children messages that it is OK to hate, OK to discriminate, OK to judge a person on their looks, their skin color, their size, their gender, their orientation, their money, their ability or disability and not their hearts and minds – It is time to grow up.

Talk to your kids tonight. It’s not a “normal part of childhood” to kill yourself or want to kill or harm yourself.  Those adults that are saying “kids will be kids” – are complicit. Those of us that think it’s “just a right of passage” or that terrifying people to conform is OK need to wake up.

Bullying today is not like it used to be – it’s 24/7 these days as kids act out in anonymous packs online. Check out youtube comments on any disabled child’s page, any child perceived to be gay…and you’ll get just a taste of how horrible the children have become. It really is different. Because of the way the net is, it is cumulative. It rarely goes away. For a child who is already struggling it can send them over the edge. Kids need to know we get it.

The bullies aren’t to blame though…We show them how to do it every day by creating second and third class citizens of the LGBT community or the disabled community, the Muslim community… the list, of course, is much longer…

For any kid you know that seems to be struggling with this… send them these links:



And put some purple on your profiles… Write a note about what you went through as a kid and how it got better. Make a video or just reach out to a kid you know who might be feeling outside of all the good things in life…Let them know you get it and that it does get better.

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