This is adapted and changed a bit a lot from Tim Ferriss’ Blog

This blog is not primarily financially driven. However it is out of my pocket currently and I am working on ways to make this site and my blog a financially sustainable effort. To be sustainable it needs to sustain itself and me and hopefully allow me to help me keep my mother in her house until the end of her life. It is my overt goal to support myself doing work I love. There you have it. The whole filthy tale.

Beginning December 1, 2009, the FTC requires bloggers to provide disclosures whenever there could be hidden interests or unspoken biases related to recommendations. Let it be known therefore that the following applies to both sites as well as the future integrated version of hyperlocavore.com:

I use Indiebound.org to link members to books and hopefully purchases. I theoretically should be getting an affiliate commission for those sales but at this time have received nothing. It is my overt request that you chose to make your book purchases through my bookstore and not any of the big box national online retailers. Indiebound is how independent mom and pop bookstores access sales that would normally be going to the big boys. Through using my bookstore and links you can shop for books at YOUR favorite local bookstore where ever that is. A small percentage of those sales comes back to supporting the site..and maybe someday will keep me in cat food when I am old.

I am looking for project sponsors with great green products and if I find them our relationship will be clear and posted on the sites. I am flirting with the idea of hooking members up with beneficial insects, heirloom seeds and anything else that it may be hard to find locally. Also considering high-end green products like composting toilets and such which can be tough to find locally. Got ideas please send em in! Really unique products email me!

On my biases (I have many):

It is my bias that we should support local businesses which share our values as well as individuals that share our values over large multinational corporations which suck much more out of our communities than they give back. I believe in keeping money in the pockets of people we see everyday and people we care about even if they live far away. I have a bias towards people who craft and create. I have a bias towards sustainable farming. I believe in slow money and the building of local capital. The world we need to create is not here yet. How we get there is not entirely clear. But my bias is that we should re-localize where and when possible – so that we each have more say in our lives and our communities. I hope it becomes ever more possible and ever more desirable for people and especially for my readers and members.

To the extent that it is possible I am striving to keep most of the site free. I hope to offer some premium services down the road in order that the project becomes sustainable.

We recently reached our funding goal for 2010 and used kickstarter.com to ‘crowd source’ the implementation of the next round of improvements to the site. Please review kickstarter.com project request here.

I have been sent a few products this year. One was a review copy of The Sharing Solution by Nolo Press. I think this is an important resource for members. I do not give legal advice as I am not a lawyer. I do link members up to the book through and affiliate relationship with Nolo Press. I may link to other products of Nolo’s in the future. I have long been a fan of their products which are well written and empowering.

My opinions will always be my own. If I think something is bad for the planet or for people I will not promote it or suggest it to you. I may start to review books and products. If something sucks, it is my solemn promise to you that I will tell you I think it sucks or that certain parts of it are great and other parts suck, or that I couldn’t be bothered to finish it because it made me nod out. As many of my members can attest I don’t hold my tongue when I see something fishy going on.

Because I am an advocate of localism I am quite restricted in how I can use the internet and marketing without incurring accusations of not walking the talk. I am looking for products that my members need which are not immediately available to them locally through community merchants. This makes it quite hard to find relationships which *I* think are appropriate. I struggle with this everyday and find it a little annoying that the FTC imagines it is more concerned with my integrity than I am. I am starting to understand my libertarian friends frustration with ‘the government.’

To anyone who wishes to send me a product I can neither promise to be kind to it nor to share it with our members. I will give it an honest appraisal if I chose to review it. A few more of my biases: – I do not believe we can shop our way out of trouble. I do believe there are many ‘green’ labeled products that are not at all green. I have a bias towards value, longevity and thrift. I have a bias towards people, plants and animals over things. I have a bias towards the reused, the recycled, the cradle to cradle product, the up-cycled, the reclaimed. And to my very green friends I reveal I love cars and meat though have substantially cut down my enjoyment and use of both. I currently drive approximately 140 miles per month. I live very rurally and we take one trip to town a month for supplies and groceries.

Also, I run on coffee and chocolate and I believe any r/evolution that does not include them will most certainly fail.

Many bloggers are posting the following images as a blanket CYA gesture to appease the FTC. I am posting because I think they are hilarious. But also, so no one down the road gets bent out of shape because they discover that I too need to pay for food, shelter and medical care while I put in sixteen hour days. I simply am not privileged enough to be able to work for nothing or with no hope or interest in making a living- somehow, someday, someway at what I love doing. Should I become successful and this project becomes a sustainable operation – You, dear readers, will be the first to know.

To cover my butt and preserve your reading experience, please assume that, for every recommendation, link, and product I use, the following all hold true:

picture of food
do not disturb sign
piggy bank


Please feel free to use the text and images on this page with proper attribution. There is no reason why each blogger should have to reinvent the wheel.

(Illustrations courtesy of Louis Gray and Jeannine Schafer)

Happy Digging,
Liz McLellan
owner/builder hyperlocavore.com and hyperlocavore.wordpress.com