Support the Project

Here are some ways you can help me help neighborhoods to thrive in the downturn.

Subscribe!   We have member and non-member supporters.
When you become a subscribing member on the site we let folks know with the green leaf.
The flame is for our most generous supporters.
The smiley is for people who go out of their way to build our community by inviting people, sharing photos of their gardens or writing blog posts.
Visit the site and thank them!


Shop for books on our site.

We’ve hooked up with which helps local bookstores sell online in a convenient way. When you go through our site to shop for books we get a small percentage of each sale, and the sale goes to whichever local bookstore you love! It’s a double impact way to support localism and your very own community bookstore! Jeff Bezos has enough money don’t you think?

Buy our Swag and help us get the word out!

Join and invite your friends, family and neighbors.

You don’t need to start a yard share to be a gigantic help! The idea is so new. It’s free to join. Once you do you can use the INVITE FRIENDS feature to help get the word out. Most of our growth has come from friends telling friends!

Blog about us or blog roll us!

If you have a blog one of the best ways you can help is by letting folks know what this sharing project is all about. Add a link to with the label Hyperlocavore – Yard Sharing. We have no advertising budget. It all goes to building a better user experience at this point. Word of mouth means everything to this project. Be sure you link to

Share us with all your friends via social media!

It really helps a lot! Tweet us! Stumble us! Tumblr us! Facebook us!

We love it when you do that.



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