Find a Yard Share

It’s easy and it’s free. Sign Up Here

– find a yard to share
– find gardeners to grow with
– start a neighborhood produce exchange
– share tools, skills and time
– start a community garden
– help your faith group feed hungry people
– learn self sufficiency
– make your community more resilient
– find gardening help
– tasty recipes
– inspiration

One thought on “Find a Yard Share

  1. hi – I’m also at where I’ve first found/followed you.

    I am in Las Vegas NV – looking to join a local yard garden community *very* close to home with limited transportation – I have a small apartment patio and just don’t know what to do with it re: container garden. The lighting and weather play a significant rolse in my being confounded as a beginner organic gardener/locavore with some health challenges still finding a balance with. Please guide me.

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